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GTA V is now free for PC, but Epic Games has collapsed

There is not a single person that didnt hear about GTA V game, one of the most successful games in gaming history, the game that made over $ 6 billion since its launch and has become the most entertaining entertainment product ever. Although its not a new game, GTA Online launched after the original game was released, is still alive and kicking thanks to new content and updates that Rockstar continues to cast into it. The original game was released in 2013 to consoles and two years later, it was also released to the PC.


The computer version includes, in addition to the single and multiplayer, the possibility to create your own mods, share them with everyone, and of course download crazy ones created by the community. This evening, Epic announced that it is offering the GTA V completely free of charge in the premium version, giving you $ 1 million to spend on the game’s multiplayer. You can download the game at the Epic Games store from May 21st, and if you have downloaded it to your computer, it will remain yours forever. Little did they know that the whole world would try to download one of the successful games in the history and site of the store crashed, the store client for the computer also failed to connect. Just keep trying to download later, there’s another week for the free download so there’s nothing to worry about. Rumors about GTA 6 continue to pop up from time to time, but so far there is no official confirmation from Rockstar. Recently, GTA V was also released for free to Xbox Game players, for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers, but was replaced with another amazing Rockstar game, Red Dead Redemption 2.


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