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DooM: Eternal

After delays and official rejection, one of the most anticipated titles of the year came to deliver us more than 20 hours in the Corona, which is already an achievement. Still – what’s different about it from the previous titles and why does our gaming critic think it’s a game that respects players? Here’s what we thought about Doom Eternal.

The mark of the Doom Slayer was burned upon his crypt, a warning to all of Hell that the terror within must never be freed. There he lies still, and ever more, in silent suffering. – Slayer’s Testament

The end of the world is so 2020. The fashion order. It’s enough to take a look out the window and see the deserted (or crowded, animal-filled streets, if you live in the right city) to understand that there is a situation in Hollywood that needs to be geared up for apocalyptic screenplays. When ID Software, DOOM’s mythological developer, announced a major rejection of its launch that was due in November 2019 – it couldn’t imagine how much of a script written for this game could correspond to the outside atmosphere, contributing quite a bit to sales and gamers online at the same time ..

Yes, you’ve probably already heard that DOOM Eternal has sold over 400,000 copies since its launch two weeks ago, boasting double the number of online players compared to the previous 2016 launch. But it is not just the spirit of the age and the plot of the demons and zombies taking over the earth has a hand in it, it is a game that will be remembered long after the Corona is gone from our lives.

The plot of the game meets us two years after the previous title plot, in a reality where the Earth is still experiencing the invasion of demons and zombies that have wiped out 60% of the world’s population (probably having worse problems than Corona). We go back to playing the DOOM Slayer, God knows how to translate it, which is one of the edgy and badass characters I got to play them.

The fans of the series will recognize quite a few familiar elements here from the previous titles and especially from the Doom 2016 remake, but will definitely notice quite a few significant improvements in both the gameplay, the combat system and the many weapons that transcend the double and famous chattagon from the previous titles. Id Software has grown to do this, making the battle system more sophisticated and even more challenging.

One of the most notable innovations is the fact that you have a dedicated character throughout the game. This saw serves as an important weapon that can affect any battle you encounter. He gives you the ability not to shoot the zombies nor kill them with a Melee blow, but with simple words, and sorry for the description yes? But you are the ones who went into the Doom review – saw them dead.

This sawing gives you life points. Sound familiar? Yes, Doom increases to do and turns the familiar and only Glory Kill from the previous titles into one of many ways to survive a tricky battle, adding to it both the possibility of the saw and the fire spit, each of which will earn you other things – ammo, life and points of defense.


Fast and intense gameplay – get ready to sweat

Doom’s gameplay is mostly very, very fast, incorporating many weapons and abilities that you can use like missiles, saws and fire or ice spills. The battle system here was built entirely to provide the player with a fast and challenging experience that will make him familiar and confront a large number of enemies. But she will never make him feel that he is in control of the situation and can simply spray the arena, shoot nonstop and hope for the best. The player has to constantly recognize and take into account the weaknesses of the many enemies, so that he may have to plan his time in a few seconds to get out of this arena alive. The most “weak” zombies here, too, are an important source of life or ammunition if you get stuck without them in the middle of the battle, so you have to schedule the moment you saw them dead and thus gain life.

No matter what level of difficulty you choose (and there are no fewer than 4 here, with the easiest of them also making it hard for non-PC players) – Doom will set you up for no simple challenges and throughout all stages of the game you will encounter new zombies, demons, monsters and enemies To you as a challenge is almost impossible at first – and after a few attempts that lead to your death – as a pretty simple task.

One of the most impressive things about the game is its ability to “train you,” and bringing the battle closer to getting you to a higher level of difficulty and new challenges all the time. This way you are increasingly forced to think about the moves and add another element of planning, so that no matter how many times you are at the heart of a busy and furious battle scene – you will never feel repetitive, and in a time when philistine repetitiveness is a contagious virus (damn, quite a bit with these corona clichés) Superb – This approach is refreshing and adds a lot of points to this game.

The game’s learning system will often feel like stiff military training to meet you with challenges that may seem impossible, some may even sneak up on you a little – but what is amazing here is the ability to make you look at the same impossible challenge as your last concern, and make it a mission Quite simple in the next hard hit you get in the game – so you will understand this special feature of the game after a few hours of it and not the beginning.

The battles at Doom Irenel are among the most intense fights I ever got to play and often made me jump off the couch, play standing or almost throw the remote on the TV when I was sure I was in control, but a second of inattention resulted in my death. Yes, leave the shelter for games like Call of Duty. Here, at least, every second you dare to procrastinate or stand in the same place will probably cost you dearly, so the mobility here is just as important as your combat planning in combat. Thus, the many elements of weapon types, kill types, enemies’ weaknesses, and your orientation in the arena – create a fast-paced, quick-paced campaign that will give you just a few moments to arm yourself for the next challenge. In a campaign of no less than 15 hours, you will not encounter any passages or plot details – and even if they are, they will be of interest to you as they are not the main course here.

Doom Eternel’s maps aren’t complicated, and although you always have the option of looking at the map – you won’t have to “waste your time” on discouraging navigations or searching for objects. At the same time, the maps here are full of secret locations that will give you luxurious upgrades like strengthening your weapons and abilities. In general, the system of improvements and abilities in the game here is also somewhat exaggerated as you will develop weapons, abilities, improvements to your suit (which are actually, more abilities) and improvements in the amount of life, defense, and amount of ammo you can carry throughout the game.

There is also multiplayer, of course

The multiplayer mode of the game will introduce you to other players in familiar arenas from the campaign. One of the multiplayer modes here will also allow you to play as different types of demons and zombies and thus experiment with other interesting abilities that until now you were used to dealing with as the main player and so I recommend you to try a few good hours of the campaign before you go into the online mode of the game that can feel a little too busy for you To him inexperienced. Although you won’t be able to experiment with these abilities as well as the game campaign and study them in depth – this situation was fun enough to make me Experiment with all types of demons available. It is unclear how long ID Software will be able to boast high numbers of DOOM online players, of course with the growing competition in this market share, but in my view the campaign itself is worth the experience, so the multiplayer mode serves as a nice bonus for the genre’s fans.

An experience you cannot miss


Doom Eternal is one of the best First Person Shooter games I’ve played in years, and the wait time was definitely worth it. This series, which can easily fall into the stereotype of “Is this just a game that kills zombies?”, Manages to once again produce a title that honors the gamer to meet him, and provides him with a satisfying and even smart battle system. Although and perhaps because of his ability to teach you the many challenges he faces you along the way – he will challenge and make even the most experienced gamers you think about moving and even confused under the pressure, and on days like these, where home-alone thrills are a rare commodity – you must not miss This experience.

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